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neighborsWe are excited to announce CrowdFiber Neighbors today – an add-on for CrowdFiber SP Edition.

With traditional approaches to crowdsourcing and demand aggregation, social media plays a critical role. Consumers spread the word about a new product or service using their social networks, and this helps aggregate demand for the provider’s product.

However, when ISPs try to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social tools to aggregate demand for high-speed internet services, TV and phone, these tools break down. The challenge is one of geography. This is especially true when using the build-to-demand approach pioneered by Google.

Let’s say there’s a gigabit fiber campaign in my neighborhood. After backing the campaign, I send out tweets to my Twitter followers, and posts for my Facebook friends – but this isn’t a very effective way to recruit others to join the campaign — since the vast majority of my friends and followers don’t actually live in my neighborhood or town.

CrowdFiber Neighbors is a breakthrough in broadband demand aggregation for ISPs. It introduces consumer-directed, geographically-targeted direct mail to spread the word about CrowdFiber campaigns and zones – at a neighborhood level. That’s right, direct mail! We’re partying like its 1999.

So, how does this work?

When a user backs a CrowdFiber campaign, they are presented with a list of their nearby neighbors, and they can select one or more to have a postcard mailed to. At no cost to the backer, a customized postcard is printed and mailed to the neighbors they select, along with an invitation to join the campaign. These postcards are printed and mailed at no cost to backers.

The response rate for those who receive the postcard is dramatically higher, since the postcard is being sent FROM a neighbor – not from the ISP. And ISPs gain valuable insight into precisely which consumers in their market are the most influential, helping them to tailor promotions and incentives.


Activation pricing for CrowdFiber Neighbors varies based on the number and density of zones, but a starter plan is just $99/month. ISPs can have a campaign launched in a matter of days. They can set a maximum number of postcards to be mailed campaign-wide each month, as well as establish quotas for the number of postcards that can be sent and received on a per-user basis. This provides ISPs with a fast-to-market, low-cost way to experiment with the power of crowdsourced demand aggregation.

Beta Customer

We are proud to launch CrowdFiber Neighbors today in partnership with PocketiNet in Walla Walla, Washington. Click here to visit their active CrowdFiber campaign.

For more information about CrowdFiber SP Edition and CrowdFiber Neighbors, click here. Contact us to find out how we can help you build your market before you build your network.