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CrowdFiber OPEN
October 7-10, 2019
Think of it as an unconference, a three day learning retreat for the whole team, complete with beach, activites, and awards.

Our crowd contains family-owned cable companies, small ISPs, electric and telecom cooperatives, multi-state brands, and publicly-traded communications companies that serve anywhere from 8,000 to over 2 million subscribers. Despite the vast differences in size, so much unites you.  You are facing similar geographic, economic, technical and business challenges.  And, of course,  you have each chosen CrowdFiber to help you navigate your broadband marketing journey.

There are deep insights available from this crowd of providers who are solving unique telecom marketing challenges, overcoming funding gaps, and building better broadband business across the country.

Those leading the crowd will have a chance to shine and share with those of you getting started or struggling.  We’ll dig into all the ways to use CrowdFiber better, explore our data for telecom marketing trends and best practices, and find inspiration in unexpected places.

There are many special surprises in store, and the timing is short.  We are limiting capacity intentionally.  So if you think you and your team would like to be a part….act quickly.

You will love this venue.  And most importantly, you will return to your communities with new ideas, actionable strategies, strengthened industry relationships, and renewed energy for the work you are undertaking.