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This week we released several important enhancements forCrowdFiber.

Process

Backing a campaign requires aCrowdFiber account. This ensures that users can return to the site to manage their campaign, review or cancel pledges, track status and so on.  Previously, creating aCrowdFiber account required a separate sign-up process and a confirmation email. We have streamlined this sign-up process and make it more integrated with the process of backing a campaign.

Now, when a new user visits a Campaign on the site, they start by entering their address and clicking Search. CrowdFiber determines if their address is within the campaign area, checks to see what Zone it’s in, and presents the user with a Backer Form.

On the Backer Form, the user selects a Pledge Level, enters their name and email address, and proceeds to authorize payment through Amazon Payments. If the user is new to the site and doesn’t have aCrowdFiber account, they are asked to choose a password. The user’sCrowdFiber account is then created, their Backer contribution is recorded, and they are sent an email confirmation and Thank You.

Campaign Analytics

For Campaign Owners, we now support tracking of abandoned or unsuccessful address searches. By clicking on the Campaign Data tab on their Dashboard, Campaign Owners can review all address searches that did not result in a successful Backer contribution. This allows Campaign Owners to better understand where searches are coming from, and to proactively help users who ran into problems backing their campaign.

Support for Multi-Dwelling Units and Business Parks

There is now an (optional) Apartment/Suite number on the address search form. This allows users who may have the same street address — as in apartments, multi-family units and business parks — to back campaigns individually. Previously, users were sometimes entering this suite/apartment number as part of their street address, so the separate field should cut down on failed address searches in those situations.