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It has been some time since we last blogged here, but the silence is a result of much activity on the consulting side of the house.

When we first launched CrowdFiber, we imagined community groups rallying together and using that online demand to engage service providers. Perhaps internet service providers could even compete for their business in our online marketplace. We have discovered that most communities, with the exception of a few standouts like the leaders in Baltimore, lack the leadership or ability to undertake an effort like this – at least for now.  We are passionate about connecting more people, and recognized a need to pivot our focus in order to do just that.

In our consulting relationships, we found that the organizations and Internet service providers we worked with were eager to adopt a build-to-demand model. More than ever, ISPs needed new tools to engage and aggregate consumers ahead of time to justify targeted investments. They needed those tools to be easy to deploy, manage, and integrate with their internal billing, GIS, or other customer service tools.  They did not want to compete in an online marketplace, but instead create a unique message, particular to their place, people, and history.

We have spent the last year developing and implementing a solution: CrowdFiber SP Edition is a white-labeled, service provider software-as-a-service portal, providing the same campaign, zone, product, and people management tools of the original platform, with many added features particular to ISP needs.

With CrowdFiber SP Edition, consumers engage with a campaign run by a local internet service provider and powered by our platform.  The SaaS tool provides the service provider with mechanisms to pre-sell subscriptions and collect payments (if desired), measure demand, prioritize where and when they build networks, and justify the investments they are making.

It’s exciting to see how well this new model is working. From Virginia to MassachusettsMichigan to California, our customers are building their businesses and bringing broadband services to areas that need it. We are especially delighted to be supporting electric co-ops choosing to provide fiber-to-the-home in rural America.


Beta customers have used CrowdFiber™ SP Edition to aggregate more than $30M in lifetime consumer value. And they are using these commitments to justify more than $300M in capital investment.

We can’t wait to see what the next year will hold as we partner with more service providers to pursue our mission to connect as many people as possible.

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